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Sleigh Ride

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Sleigh Ride

You are sitting under warm duvets and sheep pelts, and get to experience the winter evening with the sound of bells, the glow of torches and steaming horses. You can of course order a mulled wine stop underway.

They pick up at all hotels or agreed place and take a walk of about 45 minutes.

Suitable for larger groups and individuals who want a comfortable fresh aired trip, or transportation to one of Geilo restaurants.

Their Austrian sleighs have room for 10 people, and is independent of weather conditions (can also run with wheels).

When booking for larger groups, contact the equestrian centre on [email protected]

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“Great trip with a horse trip around Geilo with great horses and people! Recommended! So glad that my cohabitant’s company added it to the program for their Christmas party!” Marion Holand Skage

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